This website started out it's life back in 2007 as my web and graphic design platform. However since the beginning of 2010 I have been employed full time so I have repurposed it to function as a place to share random tips and tutorials that I have found handy and that are not necessarily common on other sites. Most of the content revolves around Microsoft Windows, Linux and general networking topics.

I hope that you find some use for the content as it has all helped me at some stage.

If you have suggestions for articles or content of yours that you would like to share for the site please contact me and let me know. I will give you full credit.

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Latest Tutorial

  • Fixing CentOS "No network access" when hosted on VMWare

    LinuxCentOS / RHEL servers are becoming more and more useful to have and a simple / common method to host these is on VMWare. However a common problem is that once the server is installed it has no network access. This is because the Ethernet interface is not enabled. Here is how to fix it.

    Written on Tuesday, 22 April 2014 11:53 in Linux
    Tags: Linux Server
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Random Articles

  • Remove old drivers from windows

    MSIf you are experiencing weird issues after upgrading your hardware, or you've just upgraded to the latest hardware device and aren't seeing the performance you'd like, you might want to remove the old drivers which are still installed for the old hardware, even though you can't normally see them in device manager.

    in Windows Read 334 times
  • Network Best Practices

    networkThere are some basic network best practices that if not followed will almost undoubtedly lead to issues.Here is my basic list of network Best Practices to keep your network out of trouble. Whenever I see that someones network gets "hacked" or infiltrated by some or other nasty they haven't stuck to these basics.

    in Networking Read 762 times

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