This website started out it's life back in 2007 as my web and graphic design platform. However since the beginning of 2010 I have been employed full time so I have repurposed it to function as a place to share random tips and tutorials that I have found handy and that are not necessarily common on other sites. Most of the content revolves around Microsoft Windows, Linux and general networking topics.

I hope that you find some use for the content as it has all helped me at some stage.

If you have suggestions for articles or content of yours that you would like to share for the site please contact me and let me know. I will give you full credit.

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Latest Tutorial

  • CentOS 7 - Setup SFTP with Chroot jail

    LinuxA SFTP setup tutorial updated for CentOS 7. SFTP is a great secure alternative to the archaic FTP standard. There are many good 3rd party SFTP server applications for MS Windows but for the price and standards compliance you just can't beat SFTP setup with OpenSSH on a minimal install of Linux. Here's how to set up SFTP on CentOS version 7.

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Random Articles

  • IIS7 force redirect http to https

    MSI recently setup an IIS 7.5 site for a client that wanted to force HTTPS (secure access) to the site. However forcing HTTPS in the IIS settings just blocked standard HTTP and did not redirect the user to the secure access side. So I found the handy workaround below.

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  • Create a loopback adapter

    networkSome applications need a network connection to work, such as those that need a mapped drive created or that need to resolve a connection using UNC paths. But for testing purposes it might be handy to test on a machine that is not attached to a network for instance a laptop or a demo machine at a client where policies do not allow for you to connect to their network.

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